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Kutch is a place within the western state of Gujarat in India. The beauty of this part of the land is just amazing and any one can fall in love with that. In this place there are many BHUNGA (Mud House), which are are beautifully decorate by mirrors. Mostly circular mirrors are used to decorate the walls and interior and this art form is called Lippan Kaam (Lippan work) or Mud mirror art.

This is the traditional mural craft of Kutch. They define this work as LIPPAN means Mud-washing and KAAM means work.

Not only for wall decoration but they use their creativity over wooden panel to decorate their house. The people are highly creative and they can create beautiful shapes and stunning rich and embroidery patterns with mud.

The mirrors they use are called as AABHLA and find in various shapes like round, diamond, triangular etc.. And they use white clay to print over the wooden panel.

Mud and Mirror Work is mainly done by the women of the community. The women are so experienced in this art form that they usually don’t draw or trace a pattern before beginning work. 

This art form has a hoary past as no records are available to trace its origin.

Mud mirror work gathered attention of the modern world for its intricate pattern and aesthetic perfection and has made a full transition from its unknown modest stature to the mainstream art world, decorating the walls of urban homes.

VeUniq is excited to bring Mud Mirror art on its platform.


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